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YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

Now you can get any thumbnail image of any format or size downloaded for free via our YouTube Thumbnail Downloader.

Many people use this Thumbnail grabber to download and save thumbnail from videos posted on YouTube and these thumbnails are used for animations, presentations and many other purposes.

Steps to Using Thumbnail Grabber website

All you need to do is to follow these steps below and then easily you can download any thumbnail of your choice.

1Copy the URL of the required YouTube video
2Paste the copied link of the video in the required filed
3Press the download button and once the download is complete you can view all saved thumbnails in the downloads folder.

Downloading YouTube video thumbnails - Is it Legal?

If you are worried about the legal issues of downloading video thumbnails you can rest assured that it is perfectly legal. But also bear in mind that YouTube videos and associated thumbnails are copyrighted products, so you need to get consent from the author. If you are going to use this thumbnail for your own work or in your own video it is imperative to seek the necessary permission to avoid breach of copyrights and intellectual property. But if you are merely using it for photoshop works then it is not as important although it’s recommended to do so.

Compatibility of the YouTube Thumbnail Grabber website?

This thumbnail grabber website is compatible with all devices especially android devices. However, it is not compatible with the iPhone models unless it’s a jailbroken iPhone.

Are re-used thumbnails good for SEO?

The answer to this is no because re-using thumbnails will mean your content is not original so google will rank it lower. But of course, using that thumbnail you can develop it further into something original and unique to rank on top of SEO.